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Question and Tip!

Kay. The tip first.

If you're worried about junk food, here's a simple solution: DON'T HAVE ANY. If you don't have that bag of cookies in the drawer, you don't have to worry about eating them. Or, if you've got to have something sweet every once in a while (I know I do @_@), simply buy a candy bar every once in a while, or hide your snacks in a difficult place. Like up high, or buried behind something. Somewhere that would require a lot of effort to get a hold of, and leave you wondering "Do I really want to do all that for a candy bar?". Even though diet soda has a lot of nasty stuff in it (in my opinion, we all die of something, so for me, it'll be diet soda), it still has NO calories, NO carbs, NO fat, and very little sodium. It can be a semi-good subsitute for you soda-holics. Or, if you don't want to risk it, try water (I need to drink more of it m'self) or fruit juice. :D There's always a healthier alternative for almost anything.

Now, question. Do any of you know exericises that target the inner thigh? :x
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