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I think my scale's broken. XD

I weighed m'self...and it says I'm 205/206. (My scale goes from like...150lbs to 160lbs, etc, with lines between them. So I have to guess.)

The problem: haven't been doing anything.

It's that time of the month, and I feel...well...crappy. I don't exercise during the whole week. I feel a bit bloated and somewhat crampy and headachy so I don't even walk. I've even had two pieces of yummy chocolate cake in the past three/four days.

Butttttt since school started I haven't been eating breakfast (not enough time in the morning) nor lunch (school food, bleeeeeech), and drinking lots of diet soda. So I guess that has something to do with it. :x

So once I don't feel crampy and stuff I can start exercising again. Hopefully my brothers will inhale the chocolate cake and I won't have to worry about it tempting me. (The double fudge brownie ice cream is gone too, thank god. I started craving a bowl about three hours ago, but no ice bowl. :D)

My goal: lose up to 5 pounds a month. Be pissed if I don't lose 2 to 3. Rejoice if I lose more than five. Woo!

I don't have any tips for you guys today. Sorry. :x
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