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Total Losers

.. because we're totally losing weight.

The Total Loser
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This community is devoted to exercise and weight-loss, with a focus more on weight-loss. After all, we are total losers.

Because we're totally losing weight.

We're here to provide ideas, criticisms, and support for all those who want to lose weight and be healthy!

Feel free to ask questions, provide ideas, or simply tell us about your day--in respects to exercise and weight-loss, of course.

----HOW IT WORKS----

It's simple. Join. Post. If you have questions, ask, we'll do our best to answer them. Please keep your posts on topic, unless it's your introduction post.

Please try to post regularly, and if you have information to share, share it! Don't be afraid, we won't bite. :D

However, there are a couple of rules, just to ensure that things run smoothly.

1) Don't be a dick. Basically, have respect for fellow members. There will be no put-downs or negative comments here. Yes, there will be CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, so please don't take that the wrong way.

2) No fighting with the moderators/members/etc. If you've got "beef" with someone, email them. Don't use the community to feed a comment war. People who abuse the community or anyone that belongs to the community will be banned.

3) Have fun. :D